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Notation Sheet
for practicing recording a game of chess.

To learn how to, or improve your notation ability, go to: http://www.chesshouse.com/how_to_read_and_write_chess_notation_a/166.htm

NM Uyanga Byambaa explains the whys and best approaches on annotating a chess game: http://www.CalNorthYouthChess.org/WeibelChess/Uyanga-on-AnalyzingChessGame.html


Homework Form for recording extra credit homework.  This used to be the form used for required homework--but, starting in the 2008-2009 Chess Year the homework system has changed to recording games and analyzing them in a computer program.  However, the information explained in this form can be used to do extra credit homework for those who have completed the Success Chess online homework.

Basic Skills Test--this is the test we give to our students to see if they should progress past the Intermediate Beginner level.

The 30 Rules of Chess(Guidelines for playing chess)--all students after the Raw Beginners Course should understand these principles.

How to Find a Master Chess Move!--important for all students to understand who are Experienced or Tournament players.

Steintz's Theory!--good sage advice for Tournament players.

Information for using ChessBase Light--a free database program for entering games(notating) and analyzing (annotating) them.

Information for using disk given in class.